Market Research Solutions

We provide customized market research solutions with over twenty years experience using voice of customer data and market analytics. This has allowed our clients to build stronger relationships between brands, products, services and their customers leading to exceptional business performance.

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Entering and engaging existing and new markets is about understanding customers, their needs, and how they make purchase decisions. We help our clients make insightful business decisions by thoroughly evaluating the market landscape, various brands, and consumer segments in a variety of global industries.

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Products & Tools

We provide you with the products and tools that go beyond data. Working in partnership with our clients, we deploy contemporary methodologies, proven data analytics, and statistical modeling to convert the voice of customer data into information that delivers insightful, meaningful, and reliable intelligence, inspires action, and enables your business to make informed decisions.

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Product Lifecycle

Consumers' needs change as the market evolves and a product progresses through its lifecycle.  We provide market research solutions to support your product’s journey, uncovering potential opportunities for new or existing products and driving growth with relevant, scalable market research throughout the entire product lifecycle.

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Identifying the significant differences between groups of consumers is a key component to penetrating markets and increasing revenues. Segmentation research can uncover potential customer clusters, expose unmet needs, and provide insights on how to approach different customer groups to improve overall marketing effectiveness.

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Unlock solutions to your most challenging product design or pricing strategies by using Conjoint analytics and predictive modeling to understand your market’s preferences. Simulating real life purchasing decisions, Conjoint provides you with insight into the relative significance of product attributes and price points.

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VOC Market Pulse

Stay on top of the latest trends in brands, purchase drivers, and market forces, as the Key Group provides contemporary Voice of Customer data from select industries on a regular basis.


See what your customers value from our latest VOC market pulse surveys. Market Pulse survey results coming soon.

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Why Choose Us?

The Key Group has served as a global primary market research partner for numerous companies in the healthcare and consumer industries. From recruiting to data collection and reporting, our work has helped clients:

  • Optimize product design and pricing
  • Measure brand equity and customer loyalty
  • Evaluate market environments and customer perception
  • Successfully position and launch new products
  • Assess the competitive landscape
Market Pulse - Woice of Customer Reports

Armed with the Key Group’s actionable insight and analytics, our Market Assessment and Trends reports will help you create meaningful marketing strategies and gain a sustained competitive advantage. These valuable reports will assist in understanding market dynamics, identify unmet needs, and track competitors.  Learn More >

Industry VOC Reports

Omnibus VOC Reports