It is imperative that companies competing in any market make smart, data driven strategic and tactical business decisions. More than ever, in today’s dynamic era of technology and new developments in the competitive marketplace, you must stay current. Our contemporary, fact-based Voice of Customer data provides you with thorough, usable insights into your respective dynamic markets, helping you make tough business decisions with confidence.

Our Voice of Customer expertise can assist you in creating meaningful marketing strategies and help you gain a sustainable competitive advantage. Whether you are entering a new market, extending a brand, gauging customer perceptions, or launching a product, you can rely on our data to understand market dynamics, identify unmet needs, and track your competitors.

Methodology: Information captured is collected from predetermined sample size and market segments through web-based quantitative surveys consisting of over 100 questions pertaining to various aspects of your industry/market.

Target Audience: Audiences are carefully selected and screened for accuracy and reliability for each individual report.

Geography: Currently fielding in United States, EU, APAC, and Latin America

Final Report: Data analysis and tables are converted by exact methods using statistical visualization techniques. Findings are presented in a variety of formats to optimize the understanding of data comprehension, to uncover trends, spot outliers, and gain a complete understanding of the information collected. Data is cross-tabulated where possible to determine statistically significant differences between segments.

Some of our current available reports include:

  • Dental Lab Market Assessment and Trends Report
  • Professional Dental Products Brand Equity and Marketing Assessment Report
  • Sports Medicine Orthopedic Products Market Assessment and Brand Report