The Food & Beverage industry hinges on providing consistent, quality products to meet the ever changing needs of the consumer. We provide market research solutions to optimize your product formulations, packaging, taste, pricing, advertising, and distribution. Whether your brand is a staple in its product category or a total newcomer, it is imperative to closely monitor consumer buying experience, satisfaction levels, advertising effectiveness, and develop an effective marketing strategy that will drive sales and foster partnerships with wholesalers and retailers. In this highly competitive market, it can be just as challenging to improve existing products and keep images contemporary as it is to introduce a new product.

With broad experience in this sector of consumer market research, the Key Group can help your company optimize product offerings and make informed business decisions to generate revenue. Among the many services we can provide are taste testing package and advertising optimization, brand equity metrics, pricing studies, and new product concept analysis. Our proven market research methodologies will give your company a competitive advantage.