Qualitative market research is a powerful methodology that probes below the surface for affective drivers and subconscious motivations allowing you to glance into your stakeholders’ attitudes, beliefs, and motivations. At the core of our qualitative market research services is the belief that meaningful conversations deliver valuable insight for our clients. Our staff is experienced at guiding thoughtful discussions and gaining insight into your customers’ opinions, motivations, drivers, decision making processes and providing you with reliable and effective qualitative research insight.

We provide research methods that are both contemporary and effective. Our primary focus is to extract the highest level of strategic value from each qualitative project we conduct. We tailor individually drafted research designs, screeners and discussion guides for each project, providing you with customized qualitative research solutions. Some of our most common qualitative formats include Focus Groups, In-Depth Interviews, and Group Diads and triads, all of which can be conducted onsite, offsite, by telephone, or web through the web.

Focus Groups

All Focus Groups are moderated and analyzed by our in-house Directors and Project Managers. Our team of qualitative research specialists has extensive general and category specific research experience as well as the soft skills to conduct Focus Groups in any category.

Our network of Focus Group facilities across the United States along with the assistance of live translators within our global facilities provides us the ability to conduct Focus Groups to meet all of your global qualitative market research needs.

In-depth Interviews

Depth Interviews are conducted by our experienced, in-house, Directors and Project Managers who are skilled at probing below the surface for affective drivers and subconscious motivators of your target audience. Our qualitative researchers are an integral component of every project, working closely with you to understand your individual needs and business issues and developing guides to best address your challenges and issues.

We conduct in-depth interviews in a variety of settings including; on-site, in-person, by phone, and through the web. Our interviews are flexible and adapted to the individual we are talking to, their needs and motivations and their social and cultural context. We are always aiming to understand the difference between what is said and what is meant while remaining on track with your research objectives in mind.