Tabulation and statistical analysis are made at the completion of a survey along with the interpretation of the differences and relationships among the results of the study. Our statistical analysis of the information collected from this study helps guide the decision-making processes. We use optimal statistical techniques to provide a complete, comprehensive and integrated platform for data analysis. After a thorough review of the integrity and quality of the data collected, we perform data management and statistical analysis.

The data analysis and tables are converted by exact methods using statistical visualization techniques. We present your findings in a variety of graphs and analyses for visualizing your data to uncover trends, spot outliers and gain a complete understanding of the information collected in the study. Where appropriate p values and statistical significance is calculated to indicate any differences at a specific confidence level. All open-ended questions are reviewed, categorized, and coded where possible.

Top line reports and the final report are delivered in a PowerPoint format along with an SPSS master file. The final PowerPoint report contains executive summary, graphical representations of the analysis, a detailed findings section, and a conclusions and insights section.