Market Pulse Omnibus Survey

Overview: Our Market Pulse survey tool provides a powerful, fast, cost-effective research method which can be adapted to meet your market needs and is backed by the Key Group staff's expertise across business and consumer issues. The resulting insights can help you make relevant market, product, and/or service decisions in today’s fast moving environment.

The flexible structure allows you to ask any number of questions in a wide variety of question types including multiple choice and open-ended formats. Images, audio, and video can also be imbedded into the survey. There is no minimum or limit to the number of questions and customers who are able to participate.

Frequency: (Fielded Quarterly)

Geography: United States

Methodology: Data is collected through an online survey from 500 golfers randomly selected throughout the United States who play four or more rounds per year. Conducted on a quarterly basis, results are available two weeks after the close of question submission.

Omnibus Market Research  – Golf Products

Golf Market Pulse Program Overview

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