After 7 years, the Key Group's annual US Dental Laboratory Market Assessment and Trends Report is regarded as  one of the leading sources for contemporary dental lab market information. The report provides an in depth overview of material usage and trends in many categories including crown & bridge, digital technologies, dental implants, dentures and production outsourcing in the U.S. dental market.
With data from over 300 U.S. dental laboratories, the research provides robust, quantitative information and an in-depth analysis of production methods and consumable materials usage in both fixed and removable dental restorations covering both in-house and outsourcing business models.

As dental laboratory production methods shift from conventional to CAD CAM there is a real need for accurate data from the evolving laboratory market that quantifies the actual voice of the customer. Digital technologies such as 3D Printing that were virtually non-existent a few years ago are now one of the fastest growing equipment sectors. Product usage, market share and trending statistics are critical for dental products companies to understand the competitive landscape and build a reliable forecasting model. Please contact the Key Group for more information.