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Panicking During a Pandemic

Let’s face it - we’re all going crazy with all the COVID-19 news around us. It’s hard to relax when everyone is stressing out about a virus. Keep yourself cool, calm, and collected by 6 helpful tips to feel less anxious.

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Leaving Your Baby to 'Cry it Out' Has No Adverse Effects on Child Development, Study Suggests

A group of researchers found that leaving a baby to "cry it out" could actually decrease the amount of crying at 18 months of age. A paper on the study was recently published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry. A very interesting read for all the parents with new babies out there.


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5 Mental Health Benefits You Get From Golf

Golf provides mental and physical health benefits according to a Golf Digest study.  During these uncertain times with the pandemic, golf brings mental calmness and a sense of purpose.

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