Here at the Key Group, we believe that attribute analyses are a fantastic way to allow your business to better realize the market and consumer.  Read on to learn about three different types of strategies that will help you understand your customer on a deeper level!


1.       Conjoint Analysis:  In a multiple conjoint study, participants select their top choice of desirable attributes in various scenarios.  By continuously being asked to make trade-offs, respondents provide their most attractive set of attributes.  Based off this data, results are analyzed in order to determine the top desirable set of attributes of the product or service.


2.       Kano Analysis:  With this analysis, a company is allowed valuable insight into the actual product.  Kano analysis provides results that differentiate product features, instead of consumer need.  Features of the product or service are differentiated into satisfaction and need fulfillment levels.  Each attribute is categorized into a threshold, performance, or excitement attribute. 

3.       Gap Analysis:  This form of analysis is an important tool in understanding consumer perception towards various given attributes.  With this form of analysis, consumers rate attributes into overserved or underserved segments in order to compare areas of improvement with areas that may need improvement within your company.  Gap analysis is key to providing needs and wants that are crucial to customer longevity.


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