As we continue to expand our Voice Of Customer market research reports we are pleased to announce the latest survey vehicle in the professional dental products sector, the Key Group’s Omnibus survey.

An omnibus survey is a method of quantitative market research where multiple research clients provide proprietary content for the survey on a wide variety of topics. It is one of the best ways to obtain valuable strategic market research in a cost effective manner since the cost of producing and conducting the survey is shared by the participating clients who only purchase their own questions. The omnibus survey is a proven tool that provides timely customer insights and perceptions on topics, products and trends.

The structure of the Key Group’s VOC Ominbus on-line survey tool is very flexible allowing customers to ask a wide variety of question types in many different formats including multiple choice and open-ended questions. Results are obtained quickly and easily using our extensive proprietary e-mail database which provides dental manufacturers, distributors and other key dental industry professionals current information on the latest thoughts and opinions of the customer.

The data will be collected from 200 general dentists randomly selected across the United States who complete an online survey. The VOC Omnibus Survey will be conducted on a quarterly basis with results available 30-45 days after the close of the question submission date. Please contact the Key Group for more information.