The Key Group is introducing an exciting new market research tool to the baby products industry which will allow companies to capture Voice of Customer (VOC) data on a regular basis. The new quarterly Baby Products Market Pulse Survey allows you to stay on top of your customers’ needs and the market’s trends giving your company a competitive advantage.

The Market Pulse survey is a quantitative market research method where multiple companies provide confidential questions for the survey on topics that will help them meet their strategic objectives. This market research vehicle has become very popular in many industries because it is an excellent tool for manufacturers to quickly and cost effectively obtain valuable strategic Voice of Customer information from their end users.
The structure of the Key Group’s Market Pulse on-line survey tool is very flexible allowing customers to ask a wide variety of question types in many different formats including multiple choice and open-ended questions. The data will be collected from 1000 parents of children under three years old randomly selected across the United States. The Baby Products Market Pulse Survey will be conducted on a quarterly basis. Please contact the Key Group for more information.