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8March, 2021

2020 Dental Lab Market Assessment and Trends Report

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Now in its 10th year the Key Key is pleased to announce the release of the latest edition of our annual dental lab reports. As dental laboratory production methods continue to shift from conventional to digital technologies there is a real need for accurate data from the evolving laboratory market that quantifies the actual voice [...]

10May, 2020

A Lesson Learned During Quarantine: Time is Precious

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While this pandemic has taught us many lessons, there is one thing we cannot give back: Time. It is easy to be stressed, irritable or lonely during these times, but do not forget to cherish the moments of watching your children grow. If you are struggling to look at the ‘brighter side of things’ during [...]

5May, 2020

Best Ways to Help Kids Through the Pandemic

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Being at home all day, everyday with kids can be tough. Not only can it take a toll on you, but it can also take a toll on your child. If you feel like the pandemic is starting to affect your child, here are some great tips on how to help them get through it. [...]

23April, 2020

Baby Products - Our Latest Addition To Our Market Pulse VOC Surveys

By |April 23rd, 2020|Baby Products|

The Key Group is introducing an exciting new market research tool to the baby products industry which will allow companies to capture Voice of Customer (VOC) data on a regular basis. The new quarterly Baby Products Market Pulse Survey allows you to stay on top of your customers’ needs and the market’s trends giving your company a [...]

20April, 2020

Key Group to add COVID-19 Impact Questions to Quarterly Dental Survey

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As a leading market research company in the dental industry, the Key Group has received multiple inquiries to report on the impact of COVID-19 to dental practice when dentists begin to return to normal business operations.  In this regard, we will be incorporating a series of COVID-19 questions to our upcoming Q2 U.S. Dentist Market Pulse/Omnibus [...]

27March, 2020

Panicking During a Pandemic

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Let’s face it - we’re all going crazy with all the COVID-19 news around us. It’s hard to relax when everyone is stressing out about a virus. Keep yourself cool, calm, and collected by 6 helpful tips to feel less anxious. chelseathông tin chuyển nhượngcâu lạc bộ bóng đá arsenalbóng đá atalantabundesligacầu thủ haalandUEFAevertonfutebol ao [...]

22March, 2020

Leaving Your Baby to 'Cry it Out' Has No Adverse Effects on Child Development, Study Suggests

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A group of researchers found that leaving a baby to "cry it out" could actually decrease the amount of crying at 18 months of age. A paper on the study was recently published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry. A very interesting read for all the parents with new babies out there.

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18March, 2020

5 Mental Health Benefits You Get From Golf

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Golf provides mental and physical health benefits according to a Golf Digest study.  During these uncertain times with the pandemic, golf brings mental calmness and a sense of purpose. chelseathông tin chuyển nhượngcâu lạc bộ bóng đá arsenalbóng đá atalantabundesligacầu thủ haalandUEFAevertonfutebol ao vivofutemaxmulticanaisbóng đá world cupbóng đá inter milantin juventusbenzemala ligaclb leicester cityMUman citymessi [...]

16February, 2020

American Stroke Association - Golfing regularly could be a hole-in-one for older adults’ health

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Golfing once a month was found to lower the risk of death among older adults, according to preliminary research to be presented at the American Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference 2020 – Feb. 19-21 in Los Angeles, CA chelseathông tin chuyển nhượngcâu lạc bộ bóng đá arsenalbóng đá atalantabundesligacầu thủ haalandUEFAevertonfutebol ao vivofutemaxmulticanaisbóng đá world [...]

1November, 2019

Farm-workers Face Daunting Health Risks in California’s Wildfires

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Fire season in California unfortunately hits at peak harvesting time in the wine country. The workers will harvest all day in the heat, all while breathing in the soot from the fires that burn nearby. Inhaling all of these particles can pose a threat to the workers. Health has now become a major concern for [...]